SANDAL SOUQ Agreement and Altitude for use of the Site

Terms and Altitude of use

Welcome to the SANDAL SOUQ (the “Site”). These agreement and altitude administer to the Site, which is operated and administered G.D.M Trading FZE (“Company”) and all of its divisions, subsidiaries, and associate operated internet Sites, which advertence these Agreement and Conditions.


These Agreement and Altitude administer your use of this Site, which is provided by our Company. By accessing this Site, you are advertence your accepting and accepting of these Agreement and Conditions. These Agreement and Altitude are accountable to change by our Aggregation at any time at its discretion. Your use of this Armpit afterwards such changes are implemented constitutes your accepting and accepting of the changes.


The Aggregation grants you a basic and capricious authorization to use the Site, beneath the Agreement and Altitude described, for the purpose of arcade for claimed items awash on the Site. Bartering use or use on account of any third affair is prohibited, except as absolutely acceptable by the Aggregation in advance. Any aperture of these Agreement and Altitude shall aftereffect in the actual abolishment of the authorization accepted in this paragraph.

Access to this Site

You accede to use this Armpit alone for the allowable purposes declared in added detail in the “Restrictions on Use” area below. You accede not to booty any activity that ability accommodation the aegis of the Site, cede the Armpit aloof to others or contrarily account accident to the Armpit or the Agreeable (Content shall beggarly pictures/visuals, videos, text, audio, numbers, articulate content, sounds, animations, documents, data, applications,, chase engine, blogs,  clear and any such amount that is on the Site). You accede not to add to, decrease from, or contrarily adapt the Content, or to attack to admission any Agreeable that is not advised for you. You accede not to use the Armpit in any address that ability baffle with the rights of third parties. To admission this Armpit or some of the assets it has to offer, you may be asked to accommodate assertive allotment capacity or added information. It is a action of your use of this Armpit that all the advice you accommodate on this Armpit will be correct, current, and complete. If our Aggregation believes the advice you accommodate is not correct, current, or complete, we accept the appropriate to debris you admission to this Armpit or any of its resources, and to abolish or append your admission at any time, after notice.

Restrictions on use

This Armpit is provided alone for non-commercial, claimed use, and/or so that you may apprentice about our Aggregation and the casework that we provide. You may not use this Armpit for any added purpose, including any bartering purpose, after our Company’s accurate above-mentioned accounting consent. For example, you may not (and may not accredit any added affair to) (i) co-brand this Site, or (ii) anatomy this Site, or (iii) hyper-link to this Site, after the accurate above-mentioned accounting permission of an accustomed adumbrative of our Company. For purposes of these Agreement and Conditions, “co-branding” agency to affectation a name, logo, trademark, or added agency of allegation or identification of any affair in such a address as is analytic acceptable to accord a user the consequence that such added affair has the appropriate to display, publish, or administer this Armpit or any of the Agreeable attainable aural this Site. You accede to abetment and abet with our Aggregation in preventing any crooked co-branding, framing or hyper-linking.

Proprietary information


The actual and Agreeable attainable from this Site, and any added Apple Advanced Web Armpit owned, operated, licensed, or controlled by our Aggregation is the proprietary advice of our Aggregation or the affair that provided the Agreeable to our Company, and our Aggregation or the affair that provided the Agreeable to our Aggregation retains all right, title, and absorption in the Content. Accordingly, the Agreeable may not be copied, distributed, republished, uploaded, posted, or transmitted in any way after the above-mentioned accounting accord of our Company, or unless accustomed in autograph abroad on our Site, except that you may book out a archetype of the Agreeable alone for your claimed use. You are banned from application any of the trademarks or logos actualization throughout the Armpit after the accurate accounting permission of our Company.


This Armpit and its Agreeable are adequate by UAE and/or any added adopted absorb laws that may administer to the Content, and belongs to the Aggregation or its ally and affiliates. The copyrights for the Agreeable are endemic by the Aggregation or added absorb owners who accept accustomed their use on this Site. You may download and album Agreeable for non-commercial, non-public, claimed use alone (If you are browsing this Armpit as an agent or affiliate of any business or organization, you may download and album Agreeable alone for educational or added non-commercial purposes aural your business or organization, except as contrarily acceptable by the Company, for archetype in assertive password-restricted areas of the Site). You may not dispense or adapt in any way images or added Agreeable on the Site.


This Armpit may be hyper-linked to added Sites which are not maintained by, or accompanying to, our Company. The admittance of any hyper-link to a third-party armpit does not betoken endorsement, advocacy or advocacy by our Aggregation of that site. Hyper-links to such sites are provided as a account to users and are not sponsored by or affiliated with this armpit or our Company. Our Aggregation has not advised any or all of such sites and is not amenable for the agreeable of those sites. Our Aggregation additionally makes no representations about the availability of hyper-linked sites. Hyper-links are to be accessed at the user’s own risk, and our Aggregation makes no representations or warranties about the content, abyss or accurateness of these hyper-links. If you hyper-link to a Site, amuse be acquainted that you will leave our Company’s web Armpit and will become accountable to the rules and altitude of the affiliated site(s). We acclaim that you accomplish yourself acquainted of the agreement of use of any sites you articulation to from our Company’s Site.

Downloading material

Our Aggregation cannot and does not agreement or accreditation that files accessible for downloading from the Internet will be chargeless of viruses, worms, Trojan horses or added cipher that may apparent communicable or annihilative properties. You are amenable for implementing acceptable procedures and checkpoints to amuse your accurate requirements for accurateness of abstracts ascribe and output, and for advancement a agency alien to this Armpit for the about-face of any absent data. Our Aggregation does not accept any albatross or accident for your use of the internet.


The Aggregation makes no accurate or adumbrated warranties, representations or endorsements whatsoever with account to the Site, the account or the content. The Aggregation especially disclaims all warranties of any kind, express, implied, approved or otherwise, including, but not bound to, adumbrated warranties of merchantability, fettle for a accurate purpose, appellation and non-infringement, with attention to the Site, the service, the content, and any artefact or account furnished or to be furnished via the Site. The Aggregation does not accreditation that the functions performed by the Armpit or the account will be uninterrupted, timely, defended or error-free, or that defects in the Armpit or the account will be corrected. The Aggregation does not accreditation the accurateness or abyss of the content, or that any errors in the agreeable will be corrected. The Site, the account and the Agreeable are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis.

Limitation on liability

The Aggregation makes no representations or warranties in affiliation with this Site, whether accurate or implied, including but not bound to warranties of satisfactory quality, non-infringement or fettle for a accurate purpose, except to the admeasurement such warranties are not accurately excludable. To the fullest admeasurement permissible the Aggregation will not be accountable for abeyance of business; accident or amercement of any affectionate incurred as a aftereffect of affairs with or the attendance of the Armpit or any hyper-links to the Site; admission delays or admission interruptions to the Site; computer viruses, arrangement abortion or any malfunction which may action in affiliation with your use of our Site; any inaccuracies or omissions or misleading, apocryphal or ambiguous statements in the content; or, any contest above the Company's reasonable control. Furthermore, to the fullest admeasurement acceptable by law the Aggregation will not be accountable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential or added amercement of any affectionate accompanying to your use of the Armpit and in no accident shall the Aggregation and any of its advisers or agents  best accumulated accountability beat one thousand Affiliated Arab Dirhams (AED 1,000).

Exclusions of Liability

Any disclaimers and exclusions of accountability in these Agreement and Altitude shall not administer to any amercement arising from afterlife or claimed abrasion acquired by the apathy of the Aggregation or any of its advisers or agents or fraud. These disclaimers and exclusions shall be absolute by UAE law. If any accoutrement of these disclaimers and exclusions are accounted to be unlawful, abandoned or for any acumen unenforceable again that accouterment shall be accounted severable and shall not affect the authority and enforceability of the actual provisions.


You will atone and authority Company, its subsidiaries, affiliates, licensors, agreeable providers, account providers, employees, agents, officers, directors, and contractors (hereinafter accepted as the “Indemnified Parties”) controllable from any aperture of these Agreement and Altitude by you, including any use of Agreeable added than as especially accustomed in these Agreement and Conditions. You accede that the Indemnified Parties will accept no accountability in affiliation with any such aperture or crooked use, and you accede to atone any and all consistent loss, damages, judgments, awards, costs, expenses, and attorney’s fees of the Indemnified Parties in affiliation therewith. You will additionally atone and authority the Indemnified Parties controllable from and adjoin any claims brought by third parties arising out of your use of the advice accessed from this Site.

Information you provide

You may not post, send, submit, publish, or address in affiliation with this Armpit any actual that:


  • you do not accept the appropriate to post, including proprietary actual of any third party;
  • advocates actionable action or discusses an absorbed to accomplish an actionable act;
  • is vulgar, obscene, pornographic, or indecent;
  • does not affect anon to this Site;
  • threatens or abuses others, libels, defames, invades privacy, stalks, is obscene, pornographic, racist, abusive, harassing, aggressive or offensive;
  • seeks to accomplishment or abuse accouchement by advertisement them to inappropriate content, allurement for alone identifiable capacity or otherwise;
  • infringes any bookish acreage or added appropriate of any article or person, including actionable anyone’s copyrights or trademarks or their rights of publicity;
  • violates any law or may be advised to breach any law of the UAE;
  • impersonates or misrepresents your affiliation to any added article or being or contrarily manipulates headers or identifiers to beard the agent of the content;
  • advertises any bartering endeavor (e.g., alms for auction articles or services) or contrarily engages in any bartering action (e.g., administering raffles or contests, announcement advocacy banners, and/or soliciting appurtenances or services) except as may be accurately accustomed by the Company;
  • solicits funds, advertisers or sponsors;
  • includes programs which accommodate viruses, worms and/or Trojan horses or any added computer code, files or programs advised to interrupt, abort or absolute the functionality of any computer software or accouterments or telecommunications;
  • disrupts the accustomed breeze of dialogue, causes a awning to annal faster than added users are able to type, or contrarily act in a way which affects the adeptness of added bodies to appoint in absolute time activities via this Site;
  • includes MP3 architecture files;
  • amounts to a ‘pyramid’ or agnate scheme;
  • disobeys any action or regulations accustomed from time to time apropos use of this Armpit or any networks affiliated to this Site; or
  • contains hyper-links to added sites that accommodate agreeable that avalanche aural the descriptions set alternating above. 
  • Although beneath no obligation to do so, our Aggregation affluence the appropriate to adviser use of this Armpit to actuate acquiescence with these Agreement and Conditions, as able-bodied as the appropriate to abolish or debris any advice for any reason. Admitting these rights, you abide alone amenable for the agreeable of your Submissions. You accede and accede that neither the Aggregation nor any third affair that provides Agreeable to Aggregation will accept or accept any accountability for any activity or cessation by the Aggregation or such third affair with account to any Submission.
  • Any altercation or affirmation arising out of or in affiliation with this website shall be absolute and construed in accordance with the laws of UAE. 

& Albatross for Your account

If you accomplish a acquittal for our articles or casework on our website, the capacity you are asked to abide will be provided anon to our acquittal provider via a anchored connection. The cardholder charge absorb a archetype of transaction annal and Merchant behavior and rules. You charge accommodate authentic and complete advice back you actualize your annual on the Armpit (“Sandal Souq Account”). This includes accouterment accepted acquaintance advice so we apperceive how to ability you. We animate you use passwords that use a combinations of high and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. You are alone amenable for the action that occurs on your Sandal Souq Account, and you accede to accumulate your Sandal Souq Annual login and countersign secure. Amuse anon acquaint the Aggregation of any crooked changes or use of your Sandal Souq Account. Any passwords acclimated for this Armpit are for alone use only. You will be amenable for the aegis of your countersign (if any). Aggregation will be advantaged to adviser your countersign and, at its discretion, crave you to change it.


If you use a countersign that Aggregation considers unsecure, the Aggregation will be advantaged to crave the countersign to be afflicted and/or abolish your Sandal Souq Account.


You are banned from application any casework or accessories provided in affiliation with this Armpit to accommodation aegis or alter with arrangement assets and/or accounts. The use or administration of accoutrement advised for compromising aegis (e.g., countersign academic programs, arise accoutrement or arrangement acid tools) is carefully prohibited. If you become complex in any abuse of arrangement security, the Aggregation affluence the appropriate to absolution your capacity to arrangement administrators at added Sites in adjustment to abetment them in absolute aegis incidents. The Aggregation affluence the appropriate to investigate doubtable violations of these Agreement and Altitude of Use. The Aggregation affluence the appropriate to absolutely abet with any law administration authorities or cloister adjustment requesting or administering the Aggregation to acknowledge the character of anyone announcement any e-mail messages, or publishing or contrarily authoritative accessible any abstracts that are believed to breach these Agreement and Conditions. 
By application this Armpit you abandon and authority controllable the Aggregation from any claims consistent from any activity taken by the Aggregation during or as a aftereffect of its investigations and/or from any accomplishments taken as a aftereffect of investigations
by either the Aggregation or any law administration authorities.


The Aggregation will amusement any claimed advice that you abide through this Armpit in accordance with its Aloofness Action as set alternating on this Site.


By application this Armpit you accede to accumulate the Armpit and the Aggregation safe by not agreeable in the afterward banned activities:


  • Use, store, transfer, allotment or column agreeable that is: profane, violent, threatening, racially abusive, seeks to abuse or accomplishment children, defamatory, encourages actionable activity, fraudulent, misleading, and deceptive, creates a accident of abuse to any being or any property, pornographic or actionable in any address or violates any bookish acreage rights
  • Use or affectation the name of the Armpit or any brand associated with the Armpit or the Company  with the Company’s accurate accounting consent
  • Collect any Sandal Souq Annual agreeable or advice or contrarily admission the Armpit application automatic agency after the Company’s  prior accurate accounting consent
  • Access any added Sandal Souq Annual added than your own,  without their accurate permission
  • Tamper with clandestine areas of the Site
  • Interfere in any way with the Site’s operating system;
  • Attempt to admission any Sandal Souq Accounts
  • Attempt to affect the Armpit with any virus or malware
  • Send unsolicited spam or added forms of address through the Site; and
  • Violate any law or adjustment back application in any way the Site.

Your Allotment and Account

As a Sandal Souq belvedere user you accede to the following:

  • You will not accommodate apocryphal claimed advice or actualize an annual for anyone added than yourself;
  • You will accumulate your Sandal Souq Annual up to date
  • You will not actualize added than one Sandal Souq Annual on the Site;
  • You will not use the Armpit if you are beneath the age of 18;
  • You will not allotment your countersign with others or let anyone abroad use your Sandal Souq Account
  • The Aggregation accept the appropriate to abolish or accost your Sandal Souq Annual beneath any affairs we account inappropriate.

The Company’s Appropriate of Abatement of Sandal Souq Account(s)

The Aggregation affluence the appropriate to abolish any agreeable on the Armpit which it believes violates its Agreement and Altitude or its Aloofness Action after apprehension and accountability for any reason, including abuse of the Company’s Agreement and Altitude and the Company’s Aloofness Policy.


If the Aggregation removes or disables your Sandal Souq account, you accede you will not actualize addition annual after the Company’s accurate permission.


The Aggregation may address Adequate Use Action violations to the able law administration bureau or added adapted third parties. Back advertisement violations to administration officials, we absorb the appropriate to acknowledge pertinent chump advice to aid in the analysis and case of the actionable action or activities that accept taken place.

Arbitration and Altercation Resolution

These Acceding and Altitude shall be interpreted and absolute by the laws in force in Affiliated Arab Emirates. Any altercation or affirmation arising out of or in affiliation with this website shall be absolute and construed in accordance with the laws of UAE. United Arab of Emirates is our country of domicile. Any altercation arising out of or in affiliation with this Agreement, including any catechism apropos its existence, authority or termination, shall be referred to and assuredly bound by adjudication beneath the Adjudication Rules of the DIFC-LCIA Adjudication Centre, which Rules are accounted to be congenital by advertence into this Clause. The cardinal of arbitrators shall be one. The seat, or acknowledged place, of adjudication shall be the DIFC.  The accent to be acclimated in the adjudication shall be English; the accommodation of the attorneys shall be final and binding. Admitting the foregoing, the Armpit affluence the appropriate to accompany the aegis of bookish acreage rights and arcane advice through injunctive or added candid abatement through the courts.


In accession to any added acknowledged or candid remedies, the Aggregation may, after above-mentioned apprehension to you, anon abolish the Agreement and Altitude or abjure any or all of your rights accepted beneath the Agreement and Conditions. Aloft any abortion of the Agreement and Conditions, you shall anon cease all admission to and use of the Armpit and the Aggregation  shall, in accession to any added acknowledged or candid remedies, anon abjure all password(s) and annual identification issued to you (including advice apropos to your Sandal Souq (Account) and abjure your admission to and use of this Armpit in accomplished or in part. Any abortion of the Agreement and Altitude shall not affect the corresponding rights and obligations (including after limitation, acquittal obligations) of you and the Aggregation arising afore the date of termination. You along accede that the Armpit shall not be accountable to you or to any added being as a aftereffect of any such abeyance or termination. If you are annoyed with the Armpit or with any terms, conditions, rules, policies, guidelines, or practices of the Aggregation or the Site, your sole and absolute antidote is to abandon application the Site.

Order accepting and Pricing

Please agenda that there are cases back an adjustment cannot be candy for assorted reasons. The Armpit affluence the appropriate to debris or abolish any adjustment for any acumen at any accustomed time. You may be asked to accommodate added verifications or information, including but not bound to buzz cardinal and address, afore the Aggregation accepts the order.


The Aggregation is bent to accommodate the best authentic appraisement advice on the Armpit to our users; however, errors may still occur, such as cases back the price, description or appearance of an account is not displayed accurately on the Site. As such, the Aggregation affluence the appropriate to debris or abolish any order. In the accident that an account is mispriced, the Aggregation may, at our own discretion, either acquaintance you for instructions or abolish your adjustment and acquaint you of such cancellation. The Aggregation shall accept the appropriate to debris or abolish any such orders whether or not the adjustment has been accepted and your acclaim agenda charged.


Kindly agenda that no orders will be alien and no casework will be provided to the afterward countries: Afghanistan, Iran, Israel, Arctic Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.


Payment for all articles and casework offered on the ancillary will alone be accustomed in Affiliated Arab Emirates Dirhams or Affiliated States of America Dollars. In accession the Armpit will acquire the afterward acclaim cards: Acceptance and Mastercard.

Payment options   

We acquire Banknote on commitment (COD) payments in AED (in UAE). We additionally acquire Acceptance and Mastercard payments through our accustomed acquittal gateway.